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Title card by Dauntless DS




Softcore Dinosaur

2015-05-26 08:37:46 by cjbouchermedia


A random idea I had a couple days ago, enjoy :)



FEAR: Claustrophobia

2015-01-06 12:04:50 by cjbouchermedia

Hey guys

I've been chipping away at this since New Year's eve. It's based on a nightmare I had when I was a kid, making it kinda tripped me out cuz it was like watching my nightmare come real, anyways I hope you enjoy.




Battle For Great Britron Episode 2

2014-01-20 20:01:08 by cjbouchermedia

It's been grips y'all, I'm currenty animating episode 2, it's taken some time due to life and also animating by onself is a time-consuming task, I got a bit more free time now so I'm plowing through it.

The structure of this animation is a bit different as the main characters are actually introduced in the second episode, so the first one you could say is more of a pilot. The anticipated release date is February 14th, so be on the lookout for robots...and cake!!



First episode is out!!!

2013-07-05 08:42:49 by cjbouchermedia

Well guys, after many technical issues the first episode of Battle For Great Britron is finally out:


We're gonna be working on episode 2 this weekend so be on the lookout!!

First episode is out!!!

Battle For Great Britron

2013-06-25 08:46:49 by cjbouchermedia

Hey guys

I've been working for the past year on my first episodic animation with Jovial Backache Productions, we've got some great talent involved including Eddie Bowley and Adam Riley (who did some voices for Conker's Bad Fur Day!!), it's a big project and has been alot of fun to make so I hope you enjoy it as much as we have making it happen, here's the blurb:

London Boroughs come alive and start battling each other, but are brought together when they realise they have a common enemy. Only one group of super heroes is paying enough attention, and wants to stop the robots, but unfortunately, they are rubbish.

Jetlag Man, sleep-deprived fighter of evil leads his team: Hypoglycemic Woman, Narcholepic Girl, Alcho Boy, and Coma Dude. Wherever danger strikes, they're always a few hours behind.

Tune in to see what goes down, in the Battle for Great Britron!

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Battle For Great Britron

Offically official page

2012-12-11 11:24:27 by cjbouchermedia

After spending many ungodly hours pondering a catchy name to represent myself and my artistic endeavors, I have finally stuck with one.

Watch this space for fun times, I'm currently working on a 6-part animation 'Battle For Great Britron' with Jovial Backache Productions, we've got major talent joining us for this, including Eddie Bowley and Adam Riley (who did the voice of the scarecrow in Conker's Bad Fur Day)

Preview coming soon. :D